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UPSC Topper Namrata Jain Shares Tips on Current Affairs | IAS officer Namrata Jain

woman IPS officer namrata jain
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When her previous try within the officialdom Examination yielded a ninety nine rank ANd secured her an Indian Police Services post, Namrata once more Sabbatum for the communicating in 2018, scored AN All India Rank of twelve to urge her dream job of the Indian body Services.

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It was AN IAS officer WHO actuated Namrata Jain to think about connection the officialdom. “The officer Pine Tree Statentioned in her speech what proportion of a distinction directors will create which cursed with me. albeit this happened approach back after I was in class, the seeds were seeded then,” smiles 25-year-old Namrata Jain, a batch-2018 IAS officer.

The fille laid-off up by the speech of the officer, grew up to be a strong-minded girl determined to enter the Civil Services. once her previous try within the Union Public Service Commission’s (UPSC) officialdom Examination (CSE) yielded a ninety nine rank ANd secured her an Indian Police Services post, Namrata once more Sabbatum for the communicating in 2018, scored AN All India Rank of twelve to urge her dream job of the Indian body Services.

The Better India spoke to Namrata to seek out out what worked for this point.
The Preparation Journey-Prelims, Mains and Interview Namrata Jain

“I studied in Dantewada until my 10th. i have to mention here that the setting there wasn't contributing for any learning to happen. each few months we have a tendency to had some disruption, and also the colleges would pack up. despite however actuated i used to be, given the unrest within the region, it absolutely was terribly tough,” shares the IAS officer.

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However, Namrata persevered, completed her natural philosophy and telecommunication engineering from Bhilai Institute of Technology, and was additionally offered an area with a public sector endeavor however, she had already set to dive into international intelligence agency preparation.

Though she couldn't clear the Prelims in her 1st try, Namrata sailed through all 3 stages of the international intelligence agency and attained AIR ninety nine.

Namrata tried the examination once more in 2018 to boost her rank and acquire AN IAS placement and force of a rank of 12.

When asked what she did otherwise in her third try, she says, “For all the aspirants WHO try the paper once more, I don't assume you have got to try to to something otherwise or amendment your strategy. If you have got managed to urge a rank then all you have got to try to to in your subsequent makes an attempt is worth addition.”

“Even throughout my second try, after I secured the 99th rank, i used to be a Mains second topper. therefore I knew that my mains were sturdy and what I required to figure on was the interview, within which my marks the second time around was low.”

Namarata analysed her strengths and weaknesses to specialize in those areas that required sprucing and worked toward that finish.
Preparation for Mains

“One of the items that worked on behalf of me was practising writing answers. The additional I wrote, the additional confidence it gave Pine Tree State and additionally strong my data in those subjects,” she shares.

One of the explanations for her sensible Mains performance was current affairs preparation. “Current affairs is extraordinarily necessary for all aspects of the examination – from the prelims to mains then the interview stage. I worked intensively thereon,” informs Namrata.
Notes for Current Affairs

Namrata explains her method of note-making, and also the themes and topics she zeroed in on. “I got into the habit of reading extensively and additionally writing loads. Any news or article I browse, I took time and write what I gathered from it in a very question answer format,” she explains.

Namrata would additionally scroll through the web and realize additional articles on an equivalent topic to collect the maximum amount data as she might.

“If, for instance, I browse a piece with one read, i'd browse another publication to urge a balanced read of the subject. i'd then compile it all and create my very own notes,” she says.

This methodology helped her assimilate her thoughts {and the|and therefore the|and additionally the} writing also helped in practising for the Mains.

After the second try, Namrata set to prevent creating notes eachday and beginning assembling her notes once every four or 5 days. “The second time around I started grouping the articles then would sit with it all at once and compile it. i'd advise aspirants to continue creating notes as a result of it helps an excellent deal in writing for the Mains.”
“Make notes that be to you” Namrata

Namrata emphasises on the importance of writing notes in a very approach that produces sense, assemble them in neat points and clearly mention the additions. littered notes can continually cause confusion and frustration.

“One should create notes that you simply will recollect at and perceive in one reading. My notes typically incorporates bullet points, flow-charts, and diagrams, among others.”

“The plan isn't to breed the content. Also, incorporate your own views and opinions whereas creating notes,” she says.
NCERT books – importance?

Namrata says that in her preparation she relied heavily on NCERT textbooks to urge all her basics clear. “For all my subjects, I started with NCERT books and for geographics, a topic that I hadn’t done post-school, I took up the category half dozen textbook, that helped Pine Tree State brush informed several ideas.”

“I didn't create notes from NCERT books however instead jotted down points at the sides of the page, that helped Pine Tree State throughout revision.”
She selected Sociology—a humanities subject for her optional paper, despite being from AN engineering background, the books of categories eleven and twelve helped her perceive the ideas well.

She mentions to take time while choosing an optional paper.
“Weigh all the options you have and choose the paper that you feel will be most suited for you.”
Preparation of any competitive exam is a personal thing.
It is all about your will, your dream and your efforts.
Even if it needs a class 6 geography book.
Each book has some nugget of information so in depth reading is a necessity for the IAS exams.

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